10+ Simple and Futuristic Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The simple and futuristic impression that has developed recently can also be applied to the idea of ​​bathroom renovation.

The bathroom that usually only works for the bathroom up to other personal hygiene activities will have more value if updated. Many bathroom renovation ideas can be applied based on their wishes and preferences.

A simple and futuristic bathroom with an idea of ​​renewal
source : luckythink.com
The bathroom should not be elegant or glamorous. Even bathrooms with limited areas can offer comfort when used. The following GO HOUSE has a simple and futuristic bathroom renovation idea that can be applied:

1. Corner sink that saves space

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The existence of a sink that can sometimes inadvertently interrupt the movement paths available in the bathroom. Placing a sink in the corner or across the toilet will give a wider and better impression than a sink in the bathroom.

2. The idea of ​​renovating a bathroom with a shower curtain
source : elementsofstyleblog.com
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If you usually use a glass shower barrier, replacing it with a curtain can save space

3. Select the temple sink table

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Another way in the idea of ​​bathroom renovation is to attach the sink to the wall in order to give less space to other small objects.

4. Experiment with bold colors

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The addition of bold color elements in the bathroom is another option in the idea of ​​bathroom renovation to give a futuristic impression.

5. Install a large mirror

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The nature of the mirror that can give a wider impression can also be used for bathroom furniture.

6. Place a towel hook on the door

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Installing the towel rail on the bathroom door will have a dual function, as well as being able to save space, the towel rail on the door is very efficient, thus expanding the space.

7. Use a punch on the wall

source : drench.co.uk
Provide sufficient space for the sink area or countertop area

8. Play on a large-scale model like the idea of ​​bathroom renovation

source : hips.hearstapps.com
This trick will make the bathroom futuristic.

9. Simplify the place with a desk shelf

source : images.homedepot-static.com
In addition to suspended towels, the design of the table with shelves can double to preserve the baskets of toilet paper.

10. Model of bathtub

source : wetstyle.ca
This model of sink is one of the little ideas of bathroom renovation, which also gives an elegant impression. The observation room will be more interesting. When mounted on the wall.

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