9 Ways to Layout Your Gallery Wall

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You will know that I made a gallery wall for a room. But instead of just art, I mix prints with fabric, tickets, memories and various memories.
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GO HOUSE has put together a series of ideas for gallery walls, which hopefully inspire you to make your own.


Space Obviously, one of the key elements of gallery walls is the space you want to place, especially in terms of wall size. But don't think you have to fill a complete wall: you can make a vertical or horizontal section only if it works better or if your collection is limited.

The collection of frame types and elements that you want to integrate will determine the best gallery design and whether the design is symmetrical or more casual. General Rules If you have the same size or frame cut of the same type, use symmetry, if you have more eclectic pieces, random designs will be better.

Design When you define your gallery walls, think about the design of the room and how to add art or collections. Also consider how the furniture and color palette will work together.

These are some of my favorite Internet gallery walls. You can see that I am very interested in mix and match designs! Let's wait a minute for Frankie's wall picture.
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