DIY Outdoor Couch

Outdoor Couch

Swing couches, also called balcony swings, are now one of the furniture items currently chosen to decorate a room. Its unique shape makes everyone sitting on it feel like vibrating on a small hammock at home.

Although it is available on the market, the price of a hammock sofa is still very high.

What if you want to make it yourself? It turns out that what you know is not so difficult. Prepare an external resistant material to be installed on the roof terrace, such as a rope that can be chosen from wood, rope and iron chains

If designing wooden chairs is difficult, you can ask for the help of a professional carpenter.

To inspire you, here are some examples of swing couches that can be easily made

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Patio swing chairs, made of wood frames and straps, become more beautiful with the addition of layers of sofa and pillow accessories.
Choose a durable pillowcase with a variety of bright colors and motifs to make it easier to see. The above example is the inspiration of an elegant free style housing for a balcony.

Take advantage of the used headboard

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You can use an unused headrest or back mattress to make the sofa more beautiful. After painted and connected to a wooden stand frame, add a layer of sofa.

Romantic touch

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This is an alternative model for those who want to have a hanging sofa from their home.
You can enjoy the atmosphere of a romantic evening by designing a beautiful terrace in the backyard of the house.
Decorative wooden beds with white mosquito nets made of tulle and wrapped with decorative lights for beautiful lighting.

Hung on a tree

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In addition to the roof terrace, a sofa hanger can be installed on tree branches. However, make sure the branch is strong. Connect the sofa to a thick rope and add a pillow.

Baby cot renewal

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If you have a Baby cot no longer use, it will save your costs

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