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White's popularity can hardly be compared to other colors. You can find the white wall paint color that many people use as the main expression of a place to live. Before even deciding to use a different color, white might come to mind first when planning to change the color of the walls of the house.

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At the same time, some people still find white to be very dull. You might agree, but you might not. One thing is certain, however, that the wrong color combination creates a monotonous impression, which does not only apply to white. Therefore, the combination of wall colors and interior paint must be handled proportionally. Below is an example of the application of the entire room, especially for white.

White domination on the wall of the house

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White dominates classical architecture. The soft, old, snowy or ivory white form is often used in colonial, tudor or Italian style houses. Its white walls give the impression of simplicity and simplicity behind the splendor seen in classic dwellings.The popular housing concept continues to evolve over time, but white is not just abandoned. This color is still widely used in various types of contemporary themed houses. For example, for Mediterranean type homes, using white removes the stiff impression and enhances the simple effect you want to display.Adding another tone outside creates contrast. Outer doors, windows, pillars and other outdoor furniture. This coloring application clearly enhances the feeling of modern flexible housing.

White as a base for outside color

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In the world of art, white is one of the main colors. This color is neutral so that it can be easily mixed and combined with other styles. On balconies and porch houses, floors and wooden furniture become a kingdom. Based on the dominant white color, it looks more prominent and true.
The appearance of the item will be visible even when dark outdoor furniture is laid flat. This choice increases the simple impression from the start when you enter the house.

White contrast of living room walls

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Anyone can accept the white color of the living room. Visitors to your home will not hesitate, but your heart will not accept. White walls show that homeowners are open enough to welcome guests while maintaining family privacy.
It also supports choices of furniture design, color and placement. Soft colored sofa chairs add comfort. Important color choices are also suitable for bright room conditions. Depending on the various white shapes to use wall paint colors.
There are many choices. Neutral white is perfect for any style. The main living room is more suitable for the use of cold white foam such as cold white, gray white, soft white and snowy white. Conversely, a dimly lit living room is suitable for solid white applications such as antique white, ivory or cream white. Light yellow light is also recommended for rooms with walls painted on white walls.

White shades of the bedroom

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Switch to a room full of privacy and bedroom. The white walls of the rooms bring calm and happiness. The most classic color choices are still most attractive to you. Especially when looking for a special room that feels warmer and freer.
White again gives the effect of an infinite dimension. With a little touch to the interior, such as mosquito nets, bed sheets, and other room furniture, the basic color of white wall paint on the walls of the room accentuates these elements.

Do you think it's still monotonous white? If this is your opinion, correct interior color choices will change this look.
Choose the tone you want. Soft furnishings and room accessories for a cool and comfortable atmosphere. Or a dark color to display the light. Cute color choices also present their own spirit. This bright and cheerful tone may apply to children's rooms.

The color of the white wall paint gives warmth

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Meeting the whole family by overcoming many challenges outside the home is the most effective stress treatment. Family rooms must be able to create warmth and flexibility. This is because the center of housing activity occurs. Here, more advanced and stronger communication occurs.
Of course, the color of the living room wall is white. The warmth you are looking for is clearly visible with the use and choice of white
The most attractive choice is the color of the most difficult furniture. The advantage of using white on the wall is that you can decorate the room freely. Sticking to a wall or decorative accent will only display comfort.
Some tips try to apply wood accents for the use of seats. The natural decoration and wood color make the room feel warm. Pure white purity is fully supported by the texture of natural wood. Natural and eternal.

The dining room is clean and nice

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A clean and comfortable look should be the main theme of the kitchen and dining room. White walls are equipped with a combination of cabinets and kitchen utensils also give the impression of white and give a strong impression. Even though it looks classic, white flexibility doesn't replace other colors.
Unfortunately, the kitchen and dining room are also places where dirt can accumulate. If you choose the kitchen white, you cannot ignore its cleanliness because the dirt looks easy.

Give a little light touch on dark or dull kitchen utensils. If you need a stronger touch, you can use wood or metal accents at will. Be sure to choose kitchen appliances that use matching colors. In addition, the kitchen and dining room must always be sterile to ensure family health.


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In another room, care must be carried out with sterilization. The bathroom is a room that sterilizes itself. According to the public bathroom, the color of the paint on the white wall was cool. White also represents purity, purity and space.

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