10 Amazing Dorm Room Wall Decor Ideas to Make Your Roommates Jealous

You may have many ideas about how you want to decorate them, but you have some doubts about various things.
Your dormitory wall is probably one of the most difficult things to decorate, because there is so much white space to fill. Buy a blank canvas and it's up to you to make it yourself.

Whether you are thinking about a comfortable, cozy, feminine, boho, or minimalist look for your dormitory, this post has the best ideas for drawing inspiration for your dorm room decor.
The beauty of this fresh tone has a unique brick wallpaper to add some character to the room. Since you can't paint the walls of your dormitory, why not add a background? 
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It also has a hanging frame for all your favorite memories with friends and family when you feel nostalgic.
This dormitory wall decoration is very useful for filling empty spaces while it is functional.
Mini shelves make it perfect for storing bottled water, telephones, or other small items.
The calendar also helps you stay organized and learn about what activities and events you have done without leaving your bed to check.

The idea of ​​a hostel is simple but very comfortable. The terrace bed offers more space under the bed and the perfect place to have a hammock!
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I have a new student friend who does it in his dorm and it's the perfect place to take a nap after class or just relax.

Thanks to this sleep idea you feel relaxed and at home. It's quite simple but still very comfortable.
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I really like the aesthetics of this dorm room!

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This comfortable bohemian hostel does a good job of combining warm and neutral tones and illuminating various shades of red.

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This is the perfect look for a comfortable feeling for your home away from home.

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This super comfortable hostel is another excellent example of how carpeting can brighten a room and combine your overall look.

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Are you trying to do something that is lacking, but still fun? Well, you can't go wrong with the idea of ​​decorating the walls of this hostel.

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Dreamcatchers are a very popular decorative piece to add to your dormitory with LED lighting. You also can't forget to hang some of your favorite memories on the wall.

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Do you want to do something simple and fast? Buy a giant bulletin board and hang all your favorite memories!

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You can hang posters, photos, and maybe even launch some sticky notes for reminders or your favorite quotes.