How Our Laminate Floors Are Holding Up (Almost 2 Years Later)

As a home decor blogger, I get lots of questions about the products I use at home. One of the most frequently asked questions about products is our flooring. Nearly two years ago, we replaced the floor in all the front of our house and placed laminate flooring products. Today I will give my honest opinion about our choice to use laminate floors in the kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and game room.
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When we started talking about replacing the floor, I knew it might be a laminated wood floor to win. As much as we want from hardwood, we replace a lot of floors and know that laminate will be much cheaper for the look I want
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I also know that I want ONE type of floor in the front of the house. I don't want uneven floors. This means that I will put laminated products in the kitchen. Which brings me to one of the most common questions:

How does the laminate floor work in the kitchen?

My honest answer: they are amazing! We have no problems with humidity and I made sure to clean the water from the floor as quickly as possible, but we found that our floor was very durable and suitable for our kitchen. My child, like most five-year-olds, pour it continuously and is very easy to clean.
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The kitchen is certainly one of the areas most often used at home and we haven't seen a little usage here. They look new and as beautiful as the day they were installed.

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The floor continues from the kitchen / dining room and living room. Another question that I often ask myself is:

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Well. Well, I'm not a floor expert, but I think it looks and looks real. We choose products with a variety of colors and textures. It has a rough texture, like wood, and there are many variations from one card to another. When people come to our house, they ask if it's real wood or not, so I guess most people don't know how to make a difference.

This is a shot that shows how the floor was when you first entered the house.

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