How To Create The Perfectly Organized Pantry

A panty is a special room that functions as a storage room for cooking utensils, ingredients, and even where the ingredients are prepared before processing.
As a storage room, inventory space must be arranged properly so that food stored there is easy to find. To make inventory space more organized.

Neutral color paint

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The neutral and bright base color must be chosen for the storage room. This makes it easier to find stored food. In addition, bright colors can make a wide impression in a small room full of goods.

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An additional tip is to enhance the appearance of the pantry by choosing baskets, shelves, jars, and other similar colored storage items.

Use transparent containers

 Containers are usually used to store food to be more easily arranged on a shelf or storage cupboard. For this reason, choose a transparent container so you can easily find the food you want. You can add tags as needed.

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Transparent cans and containers are recommended because they are easy to find when needed. In addition, it becomes practical by giving a sign. Don't forget to write the expiration date of each ingredient. Stick it on the lid and refresh it each time you fill it.

The door side

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If the storage space isn't too large, you should use all available space as well as possible. One of them is the door side. Adding a hanging rack gives additional storage space the door side.

Installation of hanging racks

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Create a different zone

 Create areas sorting and saving according to the function of the object. For example, all baking tools are placed in one corner.

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Proper inventory planning must also start from the area that meets your needs. Put food in front, make it easily accessible.

Weekly evaluation

 As a food storage room, you need to ensure that all food in good condition. Therefore, spend extra time cleaning and checking the expiration date of the ingredients.

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In addition, finer organizational ideas require routine maintenance to maintain inventory appearance. Remember in the week cleaning, organizing. Because this is a storehouse of important ingredients for the family, you need to do quality checks.