How to Create Your Dream Gallery Wall

Turning a white wall into a perfect gallery wall can be a daunting task. From graphic choices to frames and designs, there are many factors to consider.
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Now, there really is no right or wrong way to hang a gallery wall; After all, your mural art must be a beautiful and fun way to express your style!
Here are five types of gallery walls and design principles that you can use to plan and apply each style.

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The minimalist walls of the gallery are clean, elegant and can add a sense of peace and tranquility to any space. They draw a single accent or pair of posters that complement each other.

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Simple and timeless, the reticular gallery wall is the perfect center for every room. The classic box design is the ideal design for displaying a series of prints or photos of the same type.

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The style of the well tunnel wall begins to separate from the narrow net. However, it is possible to straighten the mold deliberately to clean the lines and accentuate some room features.

Because this style is not symmetrical, it is more dynamic and can create a sense of movement in the room.

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The eclectic gallery wall is a beautiful and functional way to show various memories, photos and prints. With this living room style, you can play with an unlimited combination of color palettes, frames and themes.