How to Install a Wood Block Floor

Installing wooden floors seems very difficult. GO HOUSE will give you tips and advice for installing wooden floors. If you are curious about installing your own wooden floor, see this article.

How to install your wooden floor

The first stage

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 If you want a straight parquet, place it with the side of the tongue facing the center of the room. put the distance between the walls of the room and the floor so that it is enough for division and also to adjust wood from heat and humidity.

Second phase

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 Make a pattern to fix wooden floors with borders, adjust the angle with the material, also adjust the blur to fit

Blind nails are a method for hiding nails using newer boards. for language and barriers. push the nail at a 45 degree angle through the tongue, then hide by adjusting the groove from the next table. make sure the angle is the initial installation under the surface of the wood to avoid interference with the connection

Third phase

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In the second row, lock the tongue and groove and press the ingredients together with a hammer and block to match the ingredients and the table. Cut the last board if necessary.

Fourth stage

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Blind Naill (blind nail line) through the tongue and repeat the process until the dialer can be used (on the instrument). nailer floor needs space to use it. so usually up to 2-4 lines cannot be used from the floor. When using a floor nailer, be sure to install a protective cover to protect the floor

Fifth stage

When you get to the last line, nail back. in the last line. Cut the appropriate pieces, measure the distance from the wall to the table. neither more nor less than distance. If the tip is 1 inch wide or less, use a small amount of wood glue for the tongue and insert the piece with a lever and a piece of wood used to protect the wall, if not facing it on the nails of the tip, it will not collide with the wood and be damaged. and make a hole with the appropriate putty

Sixth stage

finishing if your wood is not covered but if it is enough to reach stage 5 and the above system is a modern method, in fact there are many ways to install wood floors, ranging from glue, puzzles, nail cooking systems, etc. , actually the above looks different from usual. but above are modern methods with modern tools.