Tank Tray Tips for Your Bathroom

Practical and elegant bathroom tray

We generally think of trays as a tool to serve food. But they have also been used, with great success, as decorative elements in all rooms of the house, including bathrooms. Placing objects on a tray makes your table more organized and organized, and gives you the opportunity to develop a "theme" suitable for your decorative style.
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In this example, the Urrutia Design room, a silver tray with simple flowers, candles, perfumes and some makeup items. Silver pots are also suitable for trays. This tray is luxurious and forgiving, something you'll find in a sophisticated feminine bathroom.


Handmade mirror tray

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The tray is ideal for maintaining the same aroma. Get a tray that matches the style and color of your decorations. For example, this retro-style bathroom with painted bricks and this vintage dressing table has a beautiful mirror tray handmade by Glitter Guide. The tray can be easily transported and moved to another position and the artisan style really matches the other decorations.

Retro luxury tray

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Who inspires your style? Keep it in mind with trays decorated this way, by Torie Jayne. An impertinent photo of Marilyn Monroe, surrounded by fresh and retro peonies, perfume bottles and bath salts from the 50s make this tray a delicate but strong tribute to the famous icon. Located next to an independent retro bathtub, it is a perfect decoration.

Modern paint tray

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Are you looking for something a little more modern? Try this minimal white paint tray, decorated by Rosa Beltran Design. A minimal side profile means that the tray will not take up too much visual space; However, the black and white contrast with the soapstone table makes it very visible. The chevron soap tray defines the extra space in the larger tray and is used to store jewelry.

Tray for sensual skin

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The elegant leather office paper trays really find the right home in this Ashley Winn Design bathroom. The content is simple: candles, fresh flowers, mirrors and some towels. White contrasts sharply with brown leather and highlights the silver highlights along the tray.

Inclined mirror tray
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The mirror glass tray has a kitsch side that matches the proper decoration. But this example of Susan Glick Interiors is the opposite of kitsch: elegant, sober and beautiful. A bouquet of fresh white roses, a small image and several bottles of fragrances fill it. Notice how glass jars of all kinds add light effects when placed on the mirror surface.

Exotic tray

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This beautiful silver tray, decorated by Erika Brechtel, shows how to add a touch of exoticism to your bathroom without having to change everything. The refined silver filigree along with the Moroccan bottles (very beautiful) has an irresistible foreign touch. Adding a frame to the back also adds a lot of style.

Gray wooden tray

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This simple but elegant tray by Becki Owens is full of everyday objects such as makeup brushes, matches, towels, fragrances and lotions. Brush jars and tissue boxes have a beautiful and attractive finishing touch that adds visual appeal. The tallest objects are placed behind so you can easily reach anything you need.

Simple wooden tray

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The 100-layer cake shows us how to organize simple wooden trays with decorative vases, dried flowers and geodes. The neutral color of this tray is suitable for any bathroom and the handle facilitates the transfer to another area of ​​the table if necessary. As they suggest, use an opaque tube to hide the less attractive objects you still want nearby.

Oval Pewter Tray

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If you don't have space on your desk, why not use the toilet tank as storage / decoration space? In this bathroom of The Order Obsessed, a simple oval tin tray placed over the tank contains candles, perfumes and lotions. This is a simple decorative touch that works very well when you don't have enough space to hold the tray.

Retro silver tray

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Refined elegance defines this silver retro tray of Home 2 Me. Retro glass vases, pharmacy bottles and beautiful fresh flowers work together to provide a feeling of relaxation and luxury. This is the perfect setting for a traditional style bathroom.

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