The Best Decorated Small Outdoor Balconies

No matter the size of the balcony or terrace , Even the narrowest part of the house can be an important part of the house. So I hope you get the confidence of your small balcony.

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The following eight balconies are designed in a variety of styles, from simplicity, elegance and modern elegance to charming charm. Sit back and enjoy this review.

Tight but cute

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This narrow terrace illuminates with life and colors. This place is surrounded by flowers and plants and reflects personal safety.


Colorful balcony / small balcony

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This balcony is very small. an interesting  As if they were both united. The sofa is covered with cushions, so you can spend some time comfortably in front of plants and sunlight. I love the fact that it looks so simple!

Balcony with tiled floor

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Small but decent

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Do you like modern and elegant styles? This is the porch design for you! The curved accent around the white walls is a great place to watch the sunset.



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Sometimes the only thing that narrows the balcony is to add a small table next to the iron / iron fence.


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White is widely used to create a wide range of effects. Sofas, pillows, chairs and tables are becoming simpler. The green plants create a harmonious atmosphere with wooden floors and wood panels behind the sofa.


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If you want to enjoy the outdoors


Small garden

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this concept must be completed with a small garden on the terrace, this is the perfect inspiration for us living in an apartment or house without a garden. Decorate the terrace with protective plants and add traditional herbs to create a favorable atmosphere for the terrace garden. This is a good example

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