Small Apartment Kitchen Storage Ideas That Won't Risk Your Deposit

The kitchen must have sufficient storage space for utensils, spices, ingredients and cutlery. Using shelves is often the solution that meets the needs of easily accessible storage space.

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The development of real estate now shows that the popularity of simple style homes is increasing. In other words, narrow kitchen space is inevitable. Most people think that kitchen activity is hampered by the small size of the kitchen. For example, there are no cooking tools or special components because there is not enough storage space, or if there are many items, it is difficult to navigate the kitchen. Have you experienced this?

If you need practical and cost-effective storage space, an open kitchen rack model is the best choice. In addition, if the kitchen is small. Not only that, but the open shelf style can also be made in a tone that makes a simple kitchen look more attractive.

If the size of the kitchen is tight, all you have to do is make creative efforts to make the room look bigger. There are many ways to organize your room and make it look more spacious, but you need to remember it and choose the method that best suits your needs and space. Now, quote here, and there are seven tips that can help you organize your kitchen to be more attractive and functional.

Make a cookware gallery on the wall

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If you have horizontal space, use empty vertical space on the wall of the room. It is recommended that you hang all cooking utensils on the wall, rather than using enough space for the utensils. Besides being more attractive, this design makes cooking more effective. The reason is that you no longer have to solve the problem of finding cooking utensils to use in another pile of cooking utensils, and you can find them as soon as you see them hanging on the wall. Don't forget to organize your cookware gallery with great interest. Walls that can be used are those in the kitchen or in the lobby that leads to the kitchen.

Use the space above the cupboard

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For those who use cabinets and kitchens, don't waste empty space above the cupboard. This often forgotten area is a great place to place small household appliances and food, such as wine bottles and coffee floors. To make it look more attractive, these items can be arranged with the help of a wire storage area.

Use every corner of the room
Shelves should not be placed indoors, but can be placed in the upper corner of a door. The kitchen is great for putting potted plants, cookbooks, or special dishes.

Maximize space next to the cupboard

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If the side cabinet is open, consider adding hooks or rails to it. Using hooks or rails gives you extra space to place all the equipment and small equipment, so you can free up drawers to store the other items that you need the most.

Now, you can easily follow the tips and tricks. So you don't need to be confused anymore to store lots of things in a small kitchen. However, you don't have to apply all of these tips. Use a few tips depending on your kitchen needs and space. Good luck