Unique Contemporary Interior Design

Show your personality through the interior design of your room!
Finding the room design inspiration you want by accessing the Internet is certainly not a difficult problem.
However, there are many unique interior design methods.
What makes them stand out? What is the most appropriate?
Now, to answer these questions, GO HOUSE summarizes some of the most popular interior designs for those of you who are looking for decorative inspiration.

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Modern design is a term used in the design world and means the use of materials such as metal, glass, steel, etc., with a clean design, simple color choices, usually with clean lines.
Modern design emphasizes the simple impression of every element, including furniture
Because simplicity is a priority, the use of accessories in this design is usually minimal.

Modern Contemporary
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Modern and contemporary are two types of interior design that are often used simultaneously.

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The minimalist concept is a very simplified modern design style.
This design style uses neutral color choices that give the impression of ventilation, simple and elegant furniture, and some very simple accessories.
The main impression of applying this design style is simplicity, performance and regularity.

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As the name implies, the industrial style is inspired by the city warehouse or attic.
Industrial-style buildings often look imperfect, as can be seen from bricks left behind and pipes left open.
One of the famous houses built in an industrial design style is usually a renovated attic.
The building design features wooden and metal chandeliers with high ceilings and minimal functional furniture.
There are one or two abstract works or photography to enrich the color of the room which is dominated by neutral color schemes, derived from the main materials of wood and metal.

Scandinavian design features large natural light, minimal accessories, and a choice of practical furniture.
Scandinavian design emphasizes the simplicity of life applied in Scandinavian countries.
Scandinavian furniture design is simple but often looks like a work of art.

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Traditional designs include simple details, luxurious furniture, and many accessories. This pattern occurs in Europe.
Traditional houses often display dark colors,
The furniture, decoration, and fabric used have intricate details including various patterns and textures, such as velvet, silk and brocade.
Most traditional designs have a deep impression and complete dimensions.

Beach / Hampton

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The coastal pattern (often called the Hampton style) originates from the famous American coastal region.
This pattern usually uses bright colors with neutral shades besides blue and green.
The furniture used is usually white or beige, and room decorations and accessories are usually inspired by wood and sea.
Other interesting elements seen in this design style are the use of large windows, luxurious white sofas, and white painted wood.
The main purpose of this design style is to create a comfortable and cozy environment that is inspired by the beach and the sea.

Shabby chic

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Shabby's elegant style is inspired by vintage aesthetics, but tends to be feminine, soft and delicate compared to other styles.
Elegant and rustic furniture often looks pale, but the paint surface tends to have an antique touch.