Lose the Drapes: 15 Better Ways to Dress a Window

Who does not want to have an attractive window?
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The majority of the people adorn their windows with traditional curtains or drapes, also called cloth netting. Choose or match the color of the window coverings with the color of the walls, or the theme of your home is not difficult. You only need to read this article and you will get an aspiration :)

1. Rustic Privacy Screen
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This Modela window was inspired by the gate model of a Farmhouse house, and it seems like it's really easy for you to imitate

2. Opaque Glass Design
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Modela this window is having a lot of privacy, which reduces the heat of the sun without reducing the light entering your home. And like this it is also quite simple for you to do

3. Fake Patriotic Glass
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Stained glass adds a tinge of color to any room, and filters light in a beautiful and unique way when used as a window treatment.

4. Linen Table Cloth
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beautiful cloth and hang from the stem using curtain clips. The result is an easy alternative.

5. Antique-style Window
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6. Glass Window Shelf
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Some windows - like small windows that are often placed above the kitchen sink - do not require full protection. For these windows, homeowners can choose to install a set of glass shelves instead of curtains.

7. Lace Window
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8. DIY Rolled Valance
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Sometimes the best choice for increasing privacy and darkness in a room is simple color. These rolled nets, which hide the color of the practical rollers underneath, are made by The Painted Hive with wood, fabric, natural linen ribbons, and rustic buttons. Window treatments are easily accompanied by hemming tape for a quick and seamless alternative.

9. Faux Leaded Glass
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Paint a little privacy into your windows by reinventing this fake leaded glass at home with the help of a tutorial on It All Started With Paint. Clear and black gallery glass strips and paints were applied to the window panes, resulting in permanent window covering suitable for historic homes.

10. Hanging Herb Garden
source : architecturaldigest.com
Brighten up a plain kitchen window by using it as a background for an indoor garden that serves as a beautiful yet practical window treatment. Amber from the Bird and her song choose to display greenery, but homeowners can put flowers in pots instead of color.

11. The Garland
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For light and luxurious window treatments, tie a ribbon selection over a string or nail to form a bouquet of flowers. Colors, patterns, and lengths are fully customizable, and DIYers can mix different textures to make a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

12. Vertical wooden blinds
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Pallet that has been heated with heat can be made indoors when rescued and hung as an invisible window. Attach the pallet board to the ring curtain through the drill hole to move the closed slats at night and open during the day. Follow the full tutorial on Instructables.

13. Feed-Sack Curtain
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Vintage feed sacks serve as the perfect cafe curtain in this modern rural kitchen. Anita from Far Above Rubies surrounded the sack, then hung it on the wire with a ring. The finished curtain gives a cozy charm to the room.

14. Macrame Hanging
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When your taste in window shutters is unconventional, the knot might be your best friend. This DIY macrame window hanging from Little Vintage Cottage can be woven together with nylon, jute or rope, and tied in a number of designs to complement your backsplash, floor covering, or personal style taste.

15. Blind Calls
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There are window shutter options to suit any individual style.