The latest trends taking over the world of interior design

Are you up-to-date on current interior design trends? If not, you certainly have to do it, because this is a must for all interior design lovers. Turn your home into a real paradise of comfort, style and function, always up to date with the latest trends this year. Find out exactly how the 2019/2020 interior design trends list you should know!

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It's all about choosing environmentally friendly materials, connection with the environment, while never giving up on style. This trend is growing and spreading throughout the world and even more interior designers / product designers consider this when designing parts or houses. Why not join the green movement?

Memphis design
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If you don't know about the memphis move then you are really missing out! It all started in the 80s, in Milan, but now makes a comeback and inspires designers around the world. Radical, funny, and outrageous is the motto and it is beautifully connected to the modern medieval style, united in a single movement that will take over your life, for sure.

Feminine tone
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The colors of 2019 are warm and feminine colors of blush, dusty pink and bronze. Paired with neutral colors, it is easy to reach an elegant, delicate and beautiful space. With Pantone Color Of The Year 2019 following under the pink spectrum with the amazing Living Coral, it's no surprise we see more feminine tones this year.

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The dominance of minimalist and Scandinavian designs slowly faded with the arrival of Maximalism in interior design trends once again. Bright colors, graphic patterns, but never too much chaos, the right balance of style and comfort. It's all about luxury, the ugly turns charming and beautiful.

Flower Fabric & Wallpaper
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In themes with feminine tones, frabic flowers and back wallpapers, always with a connection to nature that is highly sought after in 2019. This is an extraordinary way to add a little touch of refinement with modern and feminine flair.