Vinyl Plank Wood-Look Floor versus Engineered Hardwood

Wood floors are expensive and easily damaged. However, he likes the elegant look that brings him to his current dilemma.
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How do designed vinyl panels compare with wooden panels? Are these two types of floors comparable to hardwood but with additional advantages? Or aren't they really the hype?
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Hard wood can last for years, but it also has weaknesses, as it is very susceptible to water, scratches when you move things that have heavy weights, it will definitely leave marks on your floor, And also my advice for you, don't mop your floor often if it's not necessary. Because it will reduce the age of your floor

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And here also vinyl panels have advantages, since they do not scratch easily, not less far from hard wood. Vinyl panels can also withstand heavy loads on furniture and other furniture.

Style and color
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The vinyl floor is available in many colors, from white and light gray to intense brown and ebony. This floor is made with a printing process that reproduces the appearance of real hardwood. Vinyl panels mimic the appearance of many types of wood, including oak and pine.
Care and maintenance
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Beautiful floors look beautiful, but consumers often underestimate the amount of work needed to keep the floor as wood. Do designed vinyl panels and wood floors require as much maintenance as possible and how do they compare?
Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest floors to treat and care for. Because it is completely waterproof, it can get wet, which means you can use a wet or steam broom, unlike other types of floors such as hardwood.

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With vinyl cards, there are two different ways to assemble this floor. The first way is to install it as a floating floor. This installation method works with vinyl cards with a male and female design, which allows each card to click together.
Another way to install vinyl floors is to simply glue it to the floor. This can only be done with a paper sticker card. You can remove the paper layer to open the adhesive.

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